"Everyone wants a builder that thinks and does the little things that you wish you had thought of yourself because, in the end, that's what makes a good job great; like, arranging the timbers on the outside deck to continue the flow of the timbers on the inside floor; like putting in an extra nog where you would want to mount the towel rail or clearing away all the rubbish from under the house around the piles that nobody will ever see but that one day you will need to climb around under there for something. That's Dave.

He is fast and fussy, pragmatic and scrupulously honest. He may not be the cheapest but he is the best value we've ever come across.

Building jobs are emotionally draining because there's a lot at stake. You need someone who is constantly looking to work smarter, build better, hasten bureaucracy and manage a wide range of relationships; the owners, the sub-contractors, inspectors, architects and engineers.

He loves his job. You can see and feel that. He is very good at it. He's the best we've ever had."

S Milne

(Colenso Place, Mission Bay, Auckland)

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"We had the pleasure of having Dave and his team build our house extension in the winter of 2015. Dave's attention to detail, advice and suggestions along the way, project management and great communication meant the build went extremely smoothly and we are stoked with the result. We recommend him wholeheartedly."

S & A Peat


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